The Topaz Plug-in Bundle 2017 – Bộ sưu tập Plugin của Topaz

The Topaz Plug-in Bundle 2017 – Bộ sưu tập Plugin của Topaz

Oct 17, 2017


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The Topaz Plug-in Bundle helps amateur and professional photographers accomplish the most common creative and corrective post processing tasks. With 18 powerful and easy-to-use programs, users can quickly enhance their digital images with flexible

adjustments that are easy to apply and customize – and often in just 1-click!
Easily integrates into any workflow to help improve and streamline productivity.
Browse included presets and instantly apply a variety
of looks – or create your own presets & share!
Simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls.
Easy for anyone to use, yet still flexible enough for pros.
Customize and tweak settings for an unlimited number of creative looks..

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B&W Effects 2.1.0
Clarity 1.0.0
Clean 3.1.0
DeJPEG 4.1.0
DeNoise 5.1.0
Detail 3.2.0
Fusion Express 2
Glow 1.0.1
Impression 1.1.2
InFocus 1.1.0
Lens Effects 1.2.0
photoFXlab 1.2.8
ReMask 4.0.0
ReStyle 1.0.0
Simplify 4.1.1
Star Effects 1.1.0
Topaz Enhance
Adjunt 5.1

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