Pixel Film Studios ProVintage – Plugin chỉnh màu Vintage cho Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios ProVintage – Plugin chỉnh màu Vintage cho Final Cut Pro X

Mar 27, 2017


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Create a retro photograph look in your next project with ProVintage by Pixel Film Studios. This collection of 30 professional vintage color grading effects can be used seamlessly with FCPX. Make any footage into a timeless moment by simply applying the plugin to a clip. Then, use ProVintage’s easy-to-use controls to adjust the intensity of the effect, giving your film a beautiful and trendy look.

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/provintage/
Color Grading with ProVintage in Final Cut Pro X
Instant Blast from the Past

Inspired by contemporary film aging techniques, ProVintage can instantly make any footage look sophisticated and timeless. ProVintage was professionally created to make your project look like it was shot on real analog film.
Going Old Skool

Bold colors, subdued contrasts, and everything in-between. With 30 different vintage color gradings to choose from, you can make your project look anywhere from hip-retro to classic-vintage. ProVintage by Pixel Film Studios can give your next project a high-end photographic style.
Customize ProVintage Exclusively In FCPX

Time travel without having to learn quantum physics. The intuitive controls in the ProVintage plugin make it easy to change the look of your vintage color grading effect inside FCPX. Simply adjust the sliders in the Final Cut Pro Inspector and see your changes appear in real-time.

Pixel Film Studios ProVintage


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